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Temple in the Sky

The last light of a perfect day is dropping between the mountains beyond Devprayag. I listen to the voice of River Ganga. This is the first location she is known as Ganga for this is the confluence of the Bagarathi and Alakananda Rivers. Through the Himalayas she travels or as the Hindu stories tell through Shiva's locks, saving the earth from the power of Ganga in free fall. Bagarathi is pale and rapid. Alakananda is dark and slow. As they merge a line is formed between dark and light, slow underlying the rapid, polar opposites forming one. Visiting the Chandrabadni temple at the top of Chandrakut Mountain today was the culmination of my pilgrimage to return to the origins of my name sake.

Separation Grief

Arriving at PONDICHERRY was a shock. The noise, the traffic but more so the focus on commercialisation. Unlike at Peedam where light shone through from every being, we had to adjust to not being with Amma in her ashram and village. The first day we all felt some grief at this separation. Pondicherry didn't seem very French on our first evening walk to the French side or 'white town' as the Indians refer to it as. But we found the beach. Cool wind blew onto our sweaty bodies. And this is winter. We were disappointed that the advertised 'La Cafe' was Indian. However the following day we realised this was a borrowed identity. After two weeks of Indian food we were looking forward to some variet

Better Than a Rock Star

In the early morning of the last day with Sakthi Amma at Peedam, I sat in the Vishnu temple in front of the huge statue twice the size of a human while the three priests performed water puja which they do every morning. As the small statues are washed and cleansed so am I, on the inner plane. This ritual enables me to release any troubles from my life. It brings my higher self closer to me. This ritual is for everyone, with the objective for the well being of all living beings in the Universe. This is part of Sakthi Amma's purpose. Her purpose is much greater for she is an Avataar of Goddess Mahasakthi Sri Narayani which is the combination of the three attributes of Goddess Sri Saraswathi (w


Early morning is my favourite time. At the temple everything is renewed. The past has gone there is only the present moment again. I wake at 5am to witness the renewal at one or other of the many temples here at Sri Narayani Peedam. This morning was a special blessing for my family. I was greeted by the temple elephant at 4.30am with the reflected light of the Golden Temple washing over her hide and sparking the dew drops on her hairy head. She breathes into my face with her trunk as I gently blow back, an exchange of recognition and respect, while I stroke her warm trunk. I lower my head and accept her gentle stroke. She follows the musicians and leads us to the Star Path. The night is stil

Every Little Moment

Every moment is crammed with potency. Being in Sri Narayani Peedam means for me to be open and receptive to everything; the people, the children, the cows, the elephants, the plants, the atmosphere, the energy. Oh the energy is so fine. We are greeted with love. I am seen. For me, I try and take the opportunity to see others. In each greeting the exchange feels like each of us has changed slightly, that we have given a gift of each other, if only for a moment. We all live in Shakti Amma's aura. This creates the potency. The energy is sublime. It takes a few days to get used to living in it. I rest and revive and then I'm ready to receive more. Walking the Star Path helps to integrate the en

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