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Healer, Teacher, Meditation Facilitator

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My name is Colleen Langan and Maya Bhadni. Maya Bhadni is a spiritual name given to me by my spiritual teacher, Shakti Durga. My name initiation occurred at the Maya Devi temple at Haridwar in India. The second part of my name is connected to the Chandrabadni temple on top of a high nearby mountain. The connection of these two temples, one in the heavens and one on earth, gives meaning to my name which means 'bringing heaven to earth'.

My spiritual journey started very young. I always believed there was more to life than what I was experiencing. I discovered my healing abilities through self-healing. Many years ago I experienced ill health. I believed that our body and mind can and want to heal. My healing journey involved using the wisdom of many modalities. Complete healing involved all levels of my being. I drew on the wisdom of Yoga and Meditation, which I had practiced since 16 years old. I learnt Qigong, which boosted my energy and enabled me to live free of illness.

Happiness eluded me though, until I started doing Shanti Mission Meditation and received Ignite Your Spirit Therapy or healings. I broke through the major obstacles in my life at an emotional, mental and spiritual level. I started to experience joy. My relationships got better. I started to love my life and myself.

Then I was ready to undergo an intensive period of training to help others. I became an Ignite Your Spirit therapist, spiritual teacher, and meditation facilitator.

My background is in education. I have worked at all levels of education. I’m an early childhood and TAFE teacher, university tutor, and have worked closely with children and their parents, and students of all ages for many years. I have deep respect for and ability to guide each person’s individual path. My warmth and ability to inspire touches people deeply. I create a safe and respectful nurturing space to assist you in reaching your goals.

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