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Early morning is my favourite time. At the temple everything is renewed. The past has gone there is only the present moment again. I wake at 5am to witness the renewal at one or other of the many temples here at Sri Narayani Peedam.

This morning was a special blessing for my family. I was greeted by the temple elephant at 4.30am with the reflected light of the Golden Temple washing over her hide and sparking the dew drops on her hairy head. She breathes into my face with her trunk as I gently blow back, an exchange of recognition and respect, while I stroke her warm trunk. I lower my head and accept her gentle stroke. She follows the musicians and leads us to the Star Path. The night is still with us. I view the Golden Temple glowing against the dark sky from every direction. Sometimes trees curtain the golden glow and reminds me of sparkling stars.

A small group of us have gathered. We are invited to speak our family member's names over the flowers of offering. This morning we ask for abundance and prosperity for all our family.

Goddess Luxmi is awoken with an abundance of water, milk and other auspicious ingredients. She is dressed in flowers and ready to bless the thousands that arrive to stand before her every day.

As we step out of the temple the soft morning light cushions the awakening of the day.

Maya Bhadni

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