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Temple in the Sky

The last light of a perfect day is dropping between the mountains beyond Devprayag. I listen to the voice of River Ganga. This is the first location she is known as Ganga for this is the confluence of the Bagarathi and Alakananda Rivers. Through the Himalayas she travels or as the Hindu stories tell through Shiva's locks, saving the earth from the power of Ganga in free fall. Bagarathi is pale and rapid. Alakananda is dark and slow. As they merge a line is formed between dark and light, slow underlying the rapid, polar opposites forming one.

Visiting the Chandrabadni temple at the top of Chandrakut Mountain today was the culmination of my pilgrimage to return to the origins of my name sake. Maya Devi temple lies in the heart of Haridwar. Both these temples are shaktipeeths which means they are sacred places where body parts, heart, navel and torso, of the Goddess Sati (Pavarti) fell to earth.

As I stepped through the door of the temple forecourt, rang the bell to declare my presence and saw the snowy Himalaya peaks beyond, I felt enormous gratitude and joy. At the mountain top heaven meets earth. The air was clear the energy fine. I soaked it all up.

The childlike eyes of the temple priest invited me in to receive blessing and I sat in front of the murti Chandrabadni. In a room behind the priest lay the Sri Yantra carved into the rock of the mountain. Outside later the Pataji asked where I was from (through a translator) and delightedly posed for a photograph.

The weather was sunny, still and clear. We could see all the mountain ranges surrounding us clearly. I felt like we were on top of the world even though I knew we were only viewing the foothills of the Himalayas. Emotionally I was on top of the world. I believe the gifts I have received from coming here will be revealed at the perfect time. Om Namo Shiva.

Maya Bhadni

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