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There is No Getting it Right, Meditation

Shanti Meditation is here to support our life. It can also help us to progress personally and if you wish spiritually. You take from it what you need or want at this point in your life. There are no expectations. There is no getting it right. It is the experience of it that is the value. Our mind is a very busy thing. We cannot expect it just to be still. We practice bringing the mind to a focus. We are understanding when it gets distracted. Every effort helps. And while we are doing this we are also releasing from our energy body layers of stress that helps us to find calmness. Meditation helps us to perceive more clearly and to understand our self better. Practicing it regularly enhances

The First Dawn

On the most easterly point of Australia, Byron Bay light house, I witnessed the first dawn of 2018. Firsts are always new opportunities. To ritualise this in some way brings our focussed energy and intention. We create our own meaning for our life. Predawn soft light, warmth from the earth, and song of the waves accompanied our coastal walk to the lighthouse. Waiting for the sun was like waiting to begin again. What am I going to create this year? What am I thinking? What am I drawing toward me? She (the sun) is here in all her splendour. We silently share this beauty. Many have gathered. Then there is song and spontaneous dance. I concluded my ritual by banging the gong to declare my inte

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