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Every Little Moment

Every moment is crammed with potency. Being in Sri Narayani Peedam means for me to be open and receptive to everything; the people, the children, the cows, the elephants, the plants, the atmosphere, the energy. Oh the energy is so fine. We are greeted with love. I am seen. For me, I try and take the opportunity to see others. In each greeting the exchange feels like each of us has changed slightly, that we have given a gift of each other, if only for a moment.

We all live in Shakti Amma's aura. This creates the potency. The energy is sublime. It takes a few days to get used to living in it. I rest and revive and then I'm ready to receive more.

Walking the Star Path helps to integrate the energy. This is the path around the Golden Temple. I have relaxed into this wonderful opportunity of treasuring the potency within each moment. My heart is joyful.

Sending joy to your hearts too,

Maya Bhadni

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