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We Cannot Pursue Joy

I have been reading The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. This is how they summed up finding joy. "we cannot pursue joy as an end in itself, or we will miss the bus. Joy comes rather, from daily thoughts, feelings, and actions." Throughout the book they repeatedly told us "the action that gets us on the bus: bringing joy to others." It sounds so simple, yet we are very good at placing obstacles between ourselves and the disposition of joy. Some tough obstacles may have been there since our birth. They seem insurmountable. Yet both these amazingly loving men both had huge obstacles to deal with in there life, and yet both live joyfully. What great role models they are fo

Steer Your Life

What will this year bring, and how will we steer it? I've been reflecting on this. And thanks to Missy Higgins this time for my quote, 'So finally you know, you can control where you go. You can steer.' Like driving a car, many things (other cars, trees) come towards us but we can steer away from them. Driving our life, we can steer around some of the obstacles so we are not constantly bumping into trouble. We can use the GPS of life to find the right road, and we can choose not to get distracted by the side roads and the attractive advertising. We have the choice to steer our life where we do want to go. The road may be bumpy for awhile, but we are going in the direction we want. Missy re

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