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Guided Meditation


Through relaxation, breathing, mindfulness and music, guided meditation opens us to our inner self. It helps to release unwanted thoughts and emotions, and raises our consciousness. It reenergises our life, helps us to focus and builds a strong energy body.

Guided Meditation

Health Benefits

We teach and practice various forms of meditation that are quite easy for beginners. Interest in meditation has gone up in recent years because of how well the health benefits have been documented. We agree with the results! Meditation is awesome for our bodies, minds and spirits and can be used to heal a variety of maladies in life.

We don’t believe you need to spend hours each day meditating, often 15 minutes is plenty. We can teach you simple, easy and fun techniques for letting go of stress and worry. Not only that, but through Shanti-style meditation, you can begin to see your problems from a new vantage point, creating a perspective in which solutions become easy and graceful.

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