Path of Ease and Grace


The Path of Ease and Grace is the work of Shakti Durga. It is a combination of nine seminars that offer a framework for living a healthy and spiritually orientated life. Each seminar offers rich learning for contemporary life, drawn from the deep wisdom of ancient teachings as well as current psychology.

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Path of Ease & Grace

Path of Ease and Grace Seminars

The Path of Ease and Grace is the spiritual education program, filled with life and fun, designed by Shakti Durga.

The entry point for studying in Shanti Mission is the 9 foundational seminars designed to provide the essential life skills and spiritual tools needed to foster spiritual development, inner healing, and personal transformation.

These seminars are designed to help you create a life of “ease and grace” resulting in an experience of more happiness and joy. In addition, many people have reported that this seminar series has helped them to unlock or discover their true and unique purpose in life.

They are appropriate for people of any faith or spiritual background, and are suitable for people of any level of spiritual understanding or practice. You’ll learn about key spiritual concepts such as karma, manifesting and creating abundance, past lives, souls, chakras and your energy body.

Stage One - Spirited and Empowered


Ignite Your Spirit 1  This is the foundation seminar of the Path of Ease and Grace seminar series. It is a fascinating, grounded and practical opportunity to learn about your own energy anatomy and spirit.


In IYS1 learn how we are interconnected with all of life through our energy centres. Experience powerful guided healing meditations, and let your energy be replenished through wonderful transmissions of light and grace. Discover how to anchor more vitality and healing capacity, and have some fun as our teachers share their warmth, humour and personal stories of transformation. As you practice, your own energy will be enhanced – something you are likely to notice straight away, with continuing changes in the weeks ahead.

Prerequisites: None


Ignite Your Spirit 2
  Building on Ignite Your Spirit 1, learn more about meditation, the expansion of your consciousness and your own energy anatomy. Learn how to avoid taking on other people’s stuff.  Heal adverse situations and discover more about the spiritual law of cause and effect, more powerful ways to heal the mind and body, and safe effective use of light and sound for healing. Perceive the unique shape of your own energy field. You will also be shown simple energy first aid techniques, supplementary to medical intervention and advice, a boon for every parent, guardian, teacher, health worker and anyone who works directly with the public.

Prerequisite: Ignite Your Spirit 1

Rustic Beach Path
Rustic Beach Path

Stage One - Spirited and Empowered

Empowering Relationships

Empowering Relationships 1

Being empowered to have great relationships is an important key to a fulfilling life. Learn about your 8 core needs and how to beat co-dependence. Experience an amazing relationship healing meditation that you can practice any time. See how your mind, your energy, your soul and your speech can all become assets to anchor more love, joy, peace and intimacy, trust and security in ourselves and in our relationships. This transformative and experiential seminar will bring relief and freedom as well as a raft of ways to turn around difficult relationships and make good ones even better.

Prerequisite: None

Empowering Relationships 2

It is easy in the honeymoon stage, but how do you keep the energy high and stay committed, retaining the zing and the intimacy? Rediscover the golden glow of deep togetherness. Learn simple ways to handle conflict, be more assertive and experience greater love. Find out how to gracefully transition relationships from one form to another, so that peace and authenticity, respect and trust are possible even when they may not have been in evidence till now. Practical and inspiring, we help you let go of old wounds, heal the past and get your energy into present time. Attain peace and happiness even in challenging relationships.

Prerequisite: Empowering Relationships 1