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Path of Ease and Grace


The Path of Ease and Grace is the work of Shakti Durga and Gayatri K. It is a combination of seminars that offer a framework for living a healthy and spiritually orientated life. Each seminar offers rich learning for contemporary life, drawn from the deep wisdom of ancient teachings as well as current research & psychology.

Spirited and Empowered

Centres of Consciousness


Are you looking for:

·      More energy and vitality in your life?

·      Better health?

·      Less worry?

·      Freedom from your past?

·      More inspiration, clarity or creativity?

·      Greater connection with yourself and the world around you?

·      Keys to access and transform your unconscious?

·      A richer understanding of the nature of consciousness, and of the non-physical components of who you are?


The chakras, or energy centres, are electromagnetic fields in which we store particular aspects of our consciousness. They function like mini minds, each of which govern a particular aspect of our health and life. As we go through life, these energy centres collect memories, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Some of what our energy centres collect along the way helps us thrive, and empowers us in life. But often, we collect thoughts, beliefs, memories and energies that make thriving difficult.


For example, have you ever felt like you have untapped potential? Like you have skill, wisdom and love inside of you but it is somehow not translating into worldly success, connection and joy? Even with all the skill and talent in the world, if we have unconscious habits and patterns stuck in our energy field, it is very difficult to live our potential or feel happy and fulfilled. We may experience lack of opportunity, self-sabotage, self-doubt or lack of energy to put our dreams in motion.


Alternatively, we may have achieved vast worldly success, but be unable to fully enjoy it. We might be unable to fall in love with ourselves or others, or unable to appreciate our own beauty. We may experience a sense of emptiness or meaninglessness: ‘is this all there is?’ 


When we begin to understand our chakras and their dynamics, we gain keys to access and transform our unconscious – which makes up 95% of our consciousness as a whole. We are able to let go of that which holds us back from thriving, and to actively enhance our light, strength, health, self-esteem, inspiration and joy.

Rustic Beach Path
Rustic Beach Path

Spirited and Empowered

Learn how to successfully move through conflict to harmony and to transform and uplift even the most difficult relationships.
Learn how to befriend emotions, how to cultivate a rich, loving self-relationship, and how to sweeten and strengthen your relationships with others through self love and compassion. 

The Consciousness Connection offers a series of courses in which people learn to work with those non-physical aspects of reality – the energy body, the mind, the soul and the infinite – to overcome inner and outer obstacles and bring more strength, grace, joy and peace into their lives.

Using the tools and skills taught in The Consciousness Connection, people become empowered to enrich their relationships, uplift their mental, emotional and physical health, increase their inspiration for projects and purpose and begin to live lives of genuine meaning, connection, abundance and wholeness.

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