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An Oasis

My bedroom at Kamala Nivas at Sri Puram overlooks the Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre. Outside my window I see sitting under palm trees, between the main building and smaller outpatient buildings, patients and their families waiting for dialysis treatment. Everyday they patiently wait their turn with hope.

A cacophony of bird calls wake me in the morning. The trees that AMMA planted have matured and the birds returned. 1,000,000 trees AMMA is planting in this Vellore district creating a green belt. This village is an oasis. It’s like a diamond that attracts people to it. People come from all over the world

for many reasons. They come for medical care, spiritual and psychological healing from Amma. They come for work as all Amma’s projects employ many people. They come as visitors and pilgrims to the Golden Temple and the many other temples here. Like a diamond it radiates the sparkling light of love. In this oasis everybody is calm, helpful, patient. Amma’s unconditional live umbrellas the village.


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