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What Do You Need Right Now?

Energy Healing  

Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing works on all levels of our being, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. In a private healing session working one to one, combining spiritual counselling, and energy healing together creating positivity and emotional health.  Create a happier, calm life.



Lifts our spirit, calms our body and mind, releases us from our limitations and energises our life and brings clarity of mind.


Build knowledge and understanding, help to realise the great teachings of the world and leads to awakening to our purpose. Wisdom teachings help us to create the life we want? These are taught at the seminars called The Path of Ease and Grace.



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Energy Healing

Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing



The Path of Ease and Grace



Guided Meditation

I can help you, please contact me to book a healing, join our meditation group or sign up for the next seminar on 02 44460345 or 0410460345 or


Sacred Circle


Air Element

Rhodonite crystal

Fire Element

Water Element

Emerald Crystal
Jasper Crystal

Element Ether

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