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Mirror Reflection and Ganesha

My face reflected by Ganesha reminded me how the world outside of us reflects our inner self. Ganesha helps me to see myself more clearly. Not for the purpose of criticism, beating self up, pride, denial or self hatred, but to remind me that I am ready to deal with this, our putting it another way, to love this one now.

Each agenda within us that is not peace will go through a process of healing or

coming into love with and into peace. It can take a long time or we can speed it up through working with a teacher or teachings. How you choose to do this depends on the flavour of teachings you are attracted to, or aligned with that rings true for you.

These things/agendas are within all of us because we either brought them into this life with us, or we created them along the way as we learnt to be more skilful in this life. In the world there is a lot of help or a lot of light available. So seek your teacher. Call to them from within you. Listen, notice synchronicity. Your teacher will be there. We have different teachers for different phases of our life, different learning that we need. Don’t hold yourself back from opening to a new set of teachings.


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