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Healing has a Ripple Effect on your Life

Like one drop of water into a pool, energy healing drops into your life like that drop of water. The ripple effect flows out into your life. You feel better and more positive about yourself. It is amazing how much difference this makes to your experience of life. Your relationships are easier, and more harmonious. Things go right. Your day flows.

Energy healing, Ignite Your Spirit style is life coaching plus energetically changing your energy field to a higher vibration. Einstein said “You cannot solve the problem you cause at the same vibration at which you created it.” So we raise our vibration of course. Our awareness increases, we can see with much more clarity. We have more energy to make decisions and deal with life's issues or work issues or relationship issues.

You may be feeling stuck with your intimate relationship, and not know how to make things better. An energy healing on your relationship pierces the obstacles. The love that is there is able to flow and grow.

You may find that you cannot attract into your life the opportunities, people, friendships, relationships, jobs, being seen, appreciated or respected. The very subtle things that prevent us from living the life we want are sitting in our energy field. It is hard to find them with our mind. Or if we do, we often don't know what to do about it. All of these things are healed with Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing. We use the word healed because we feel whole again.

When we are feeling sad, mad, fearful, we get used to the way we feel and sometimes don't want to change this because it is familiar. We resist change because we can't see what is on the other side. This is a

common experience. Generating the courage to change is the first step.

Book an Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing with me and create the life you want.

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