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My name is Colleen Langan and Maya Bhadni.

Maya Bhadni is a spiritual name given to me by my spiritual teacher, Shakti Durga.

My spiritual journey started very young. I always believed there was more to life than what I was experiencing. I discovered my healing abilities through self-healing. Many years ago I experienced ill health. I believed that our body and mind can and want to heal. My healing journey involved using the wisdom of many modalities.  Healing for me involved all levels of my being.  I drew on the wisdom of Yoga and Meditation, which I had practiced since 16 years old. I learnt Qigong, which boosted my energy and enabled me to live free of illness.

Happiness eluded me though, until I started doing Shakti Durga's Meditation and received Ignite Your Spirit Therapy or energy healings. I broke through the major obstacles in my life at an emotional, mental and spiritual level. I started to experience joy. My relationships got better. I started to love my life and myself.

An intensive period of training to help others followed. I became a meditation facilitator, an Ignite Your Spirit therapist, and spiritual teacher.  I have deep respect for and ability to guide each person individually. My warmth and ability to inspire touches hearts deeply. A safe, respectful and nurturing space is held to assist you in reaching your goals.


My background is in education. I have worked at all levels of education. I’m an early childhood teacher, TAFE teacher and university tutor, and have worked closely with children and their parents, and students of all ages for many years.

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Healer, Teacher, Meditation Facilitator

Colleen Langan, Maya Bhadni


the best you are

Each dawn is the first day of the rest of your life

Embrace it!

Within each of us

is much more of who we are

waiting to shine.


It's Time

Ring the Bell

It's time. The time is now.


Step up and call on your courage to start stretching out of old habits and patterns that no longer serve you.


The more you do this the easier it gets and the happier you become.


Like ringing a bell that you are here.

What Do You Need Right Now?

Energy Healing  Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing works on all levels of our being, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. In a private healing session working one to one, combining spiritual counselling, and energy healing together creating positivity and emotional health.  Create a happier, calm life.


Meditation lifts our spirit, calms our body and mind, releases us from our limitations and energises our life and brings clarity of mind.

Seminars build knowledge and understanding, help to realise the great teachings of the world and leads to better relationships and awakening to a meaningful life. Wisdom teachings help us to create the life we want? These are taught in the seminars called The Path of Ease and Grace.


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Energy Healing

Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing


The Path of Ease and Grace

Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing is a powerful yet gentle form of energy healing. This profound modality works at all levels of our being and guided by your needs and yearning. With compassion and empathy, I will assist you to gently unfold the cloaks and bring peace, calmness, clarity of mind, happy relationships, abundance, confidence and joy into your life.

The Path of Ease and Grace is the work of Shakti Durga. It is a combination of nine seminars that offer a framework for living a healthy and spiritually orientated life. Each seminar offers rich learning for contemporary life, drawn from the deep wisdom of ancient teachings as well as current psychology. It offers a pathway of spiritual development.



Guided Meditation

Through relaxation, breathing, mindfulness and music, guided meditation opens us to our inner self. It helps to transform unwanted thoughts, calms emotions, accept life's challenges and raises our awareness. It relaxes our nervous system, re-energises our body, renews our creativity and productivity, helps us to focus and live life fully.

If you think I can help you, please contact me to book a healing, join our meditation group or sign up for the next seminar on 02 44460345 or 0410460345 or

What's On?
Summer Break is ON.

Happy New Year to Everyone
Healing Sessions reopens 10th January 2024
Zoom & in-person meditation recommences 29th January 2024 at 6.30pm
Berry Meditation recommences 14th March 2024
In February I will be on retreat in Rajasthan


Online Zoom Meditation Continues
Join me each Monday at 6.30pm (Sydney time) from wherever you are.
Meditation in person
Berry on Thursday 9.30am
Nowra on Monday 6.30pm

Monday Meditation Nowra

  • Weekly

  • 6.30pm - 7.30pm

  • 41 Worrigee Street, Nowra

* Thursday Meditation  Berry

  • Weekly

  • 9.30am

  • Wesley Hall, Albert Street, Berry

* Energy Healing - Ignite Your Spirit


Upcoming Seminars & Courses:

Activate your Consciousness


* Emotional Liberation 

Conflict to Connection

Centres of Consciousness


Energy Healing Made Easy Seminar




Please ask me a question. I'd like to hear from you.

Nowra, Shoalhaven, NSW, Australia

0244460345 or 0410460345

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