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A Sacred Area

Takayama is a small town in the Hida region at the base of the Japanese alps. It's surrounded by forest and mountains. Hida has been a sacred area since ancient times. I am breathing. As soon as I reached the mountains I started to relax. When I relax I am more reflective. When annoying memories come to mind I realise I need to do some forgiveness around this. Whether it be small or large, forgiveness is my way to peace. My ego wants to be defensive. "But they did this and they should have done that. It's there fault." This thinking keeps me going around in circles. And the annoyance that disturbs my mind returns over and over waiting for healing. Do I recognise that 'they' were only doing their best? When I'm prepared to look at myself even deeper I realise that other people's behaviour is a reflection of myself or a projection of myself out into the world. I am drawn to the shrine standing out amongst the trees. It is The World Shrine. A shrine for everyone from all backgrounds to connect to the Creator. It's called Sukyo Mahikari. The practitioners 

use Light radiating from their hand as we do in Shanti Mission. So it is no surprise then that this is the first shrine I am drawn to here. I am welcomed in. The energy is strong and very beautiful. I Feel like I'm coming back to myself. I revisit the forgiveness, allow the sorrow to leave me. I am grateful to sit and be rejuvenated. After a week of travelling, stumbling over the language, negotiating the metro in Tokyo, speeding between cities on the bullet train, I am back in nature where I love to be.  

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